How Important is a Real Estate Agent’s Reputation?

honest real estate agentDoes a “Real Estate Agent’s Reputation” mean anything to you ? There are so many reasons how and why buyer’s, for years have made the decision to work with a certain realtor.

The industry’s rule: “Until the CUSTOMER knows you care for their best interest, they will never become a CLIENT.

We have assisted young couples, single people, retirees, friends and family buy and sell property for over 31 years. We have heard the comments many many times about how much they valued our Experience, Knowledge and how we cared about each and every one of them. However, as you know, the mark of a truly successful salesperson is repeat business and referrals from many sources. Yes, we get many. Which Ieads me to my topic of discussion today…


There is a little saying that I would like to share with you:

“Your smile is your LOGO, your personality is your BUSINESS CARD and how you leave others feeling after dealing with you is your TRADEMARK”.

Which all adds up to REPUTATION. So let’s talk about REPUTATION. Tony and I decided a number of years ago to join forces, and create a dynamic real estate team called BRAYLEYDEFFETT. Our number one team rule, all team members that want to join us must have a stellar business REPUTATION. Truly it is our signature on how we have been so successful over the years and maintained the longevity in the highly competitive, and at times, challenging real estate business.

Think about your most recent interaction with any service person or business you patronized. Why did you deal with them in the first place? For small purchases it might have been for convenience, location, possible referral or was is because of their REPUTATION of service or care. We don’t need to explain Webster’s dictionary definition of “REPUTATION” to you…. you just know in your heart if you were satisfied by the service you received, and if you will ever use that company or sales person again.

Which Real Estate Agent Will You Choose?

So now the time comes to purchase or sell the biggest investment of your life… Your HOME. So who do you decide to deal with. I am almost positive that if you ask a family member or friends for advice on whom to deal with, they will probably give you a name of a realtor that they had a good experience with….. Hence … Because of the agents REPUTATION, that sales person’s name was recommended.

Dealing with the BRAYLEYDEFFETT team

Our core value when working with both buyers and sellers is to help educate, protect and satisfy all the client’s wishes. Our practice of always putting the client’s best interest first, is our GOLDEN RULE and it will be until the day we retire. REPUTATION means everything to us. Without it we could have never made it this far.

Thank you for letting us share a little insight on our philosophy on how we do business. Please feel free to contact us anytime to help you purchase your new home or sell your existing property.

All the best Tony Brayley & Lorne Deffett.

Author – Lorne Deffett


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