Housing for Seniors in Brampton

Housing for seniors is becoming a concern in Brampton, and surrounding areas. In fact, this is a common theme throughout many parts of the Western World, but since The BrayleyDeffett Team work in Brampton, Ontario, this will be our focal point. There are, in fact, quite a few places and styles of residence, but not many are readily available. Waiting lists are long (years long) and choices are very limited. Why is this happening? It’s common knowledge for a lot of folks, but for those who aren’t aware, I’ll elaborate….

Baby Boomers 1946 – 1965

According to Statistics Canada, the baby boomers were born between the years 1946 and 1965. Makes sense. After the war (ended in 1945), young couples had to make up for lost time, lol. Little did they realize the consequences of their actions! Having said that, the aging population makes for stable workers, workers with vast experience, and workers that produce good work.  A side note is that the senior population are the highest voting (in elections) sector of society.

This age group understands the importance of choosing our elected officials, and not just leaving it to someone else to make the effort and travel to the voting station etc. However, that’s a discussion for another day. Bottom line is that there are a lot of people retiring each year, and the numbers are increasing at a disproportionate rate.

Senior’s Housing Available in Brampton…

Well, this is a tough one. The most recent offering of senior’s residences that I am aware of (at the time or writing) is located right next to the Bramalea City Centre. Having said that, there are only a couple of units available right now. The trend right now, is that as soon as a building or complex for seniors, is announced for sale, it basically sells out in a very short time…..a few weeks, usually. This is a true sign of the times!

The residence that we’re talking about is the Bramalea Retirement Residence, located at 30 Peel Centre Dr, Brampton, ON. L6T 4G3. This building is a former Holiday Inn. By virtue of the building being basically sold out in a matter of weeks, is a testament to the owner’s business savvy. The retirement sector of business is secure, and is a safe bet for decades to come….much better than the hotel business, which is overly competitive, in my opinion.

It takes a certain mind-set to be the creator and manager of a retirement community. It’s a very specific business model, which in most cases means providing a lot more than just a roof over the head. Health care, cleaners, food services, and other amenities can come into play if a company wants to build a retirement community or retirement home. Much to consider!

Incidentally, the picture at the top is of Holland Christian Homes.

Other Retirement Residence Options

Over the following weeks, I will be doing some legwork to gain a deeper understanding of the landscape for this end of the real estate world. I will be doing this for the benefit of our clients, who either need some information, or who will eventually need this info. My own Mom is probably at the point where this kind of info would be very helpful for her. She’s 87 years young! Hopefully, we all will eventually need it, lol.

I will be calling all the places that cater to seniors living, in Brampton, and some of the surrounding areas. As I gather information, I will post it here at brayleydeffett.com. So, be sure to check back here for updates. By the same token, feel free to call me on my cell (905) 867-9440, if you need some quick answers. Odds are that I’ll have the answers or will know how to get them for you, due to my research. Eventually, there will be a list of possible places to live for retirees, including long term care locations, right here on brayleydeffett.com. We will make sure to include pertinent information and links to their websites, if they have one. Check back soon!

Author – Tony Brayley





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