Home Buying Secrets

Home Buying SecretsHome Buying Secrets from the Brayley Deffett Team. With 80+ years of experience, the Team has accumulated a vast knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. From hardcore training and out of town boot camps, to Mastermind groups and regular sales meetings, the Brayley Deffett Team has tested and honed down the process of what’s necessary to get you the best deal as a buyer.

We actually need to show you how we do it. It starts from the very beginning….getting the best mortgage possible, choosing the right building inspector, lawyer, mover, etc. The other huge factors are targeting the “right” neighbourhood, then the right home and finally, negotiating with the skill of a crisis-negotiator.

Call us to set up a time (416) 315-0726, to meet and see why you want us to get you a home!

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