Clients Speak Out…

Please enjoy our video. We had some of our clients give their thoughts on working with us. We asked Alissa to play interviewer for the video shoot. She did a fantastic job and was naturally relaxed in front of the camera. She may have found a new calling....Hope not, though. We love having her … Continue reading

Brampton Real Estate Services

Brampton Real Estate Services From The BrayleyDeffett Team   We hope you enjoyed our little presentation, showing the real estate services we offer. Remember, we have over a hundred years of combined experience selling real estate in Brampton and the surrounding areas.  Having said that, and as … Continue reading

Brampton Investment Properties

Many people have often thought about picking up an investment property in Brampton, and why not? It's a fantastic way to invest some money, and know that down the road, you will be able to reap the rewards, handsomely, if you play your cards right! Investing In Brampton Real Estate - The Right … Continue reading

Housing for Seniors in Brampton

Housing for seniors is becoming a concern in Brampton, and surrounding areas. In fact, this is a common theme throughout many parts of the Western World, but since The BrayleyDeffett Team work in Brampton, Ontario, this will be our focal point. There are, in fact, quite a few places and styles of … Continue reading